Bengkung Belly Binding

Using a Bengkung Belly Bind immediately postpartum can help speed up the recovery and healing process. Binding your torso after birth promotes and encourages abdominal muscle retraction, pelvic stability and healthy posture especially while holding or breastfeeding your newborn.

Postpartum Bengkung Belly Bind

The Bengkung wrap is a non-stretch fabric such as cotton or muslin extending from the pubic bone all the way up to your sternum. Ideally you should begin binding on/around day 5 and can wear the binding for up to 10 hours a day until about 40 days. For surgical birth postpartum belly binding, you can begin around 4-6 weeks after consulting your physician.

During pregnancy the body releases a hormone called relaxin which loosens the ligaments allowing the pelvis to expand more easily in preparation for childbirth. Relaxin will still be present during the early postpartum period, so binding within the first week will help keep your body stable as the hormone begins to dissipate. As your uterus and other organs begin the process of returning to pre-pregnancy state, binding will provide support to your muscles, bones and ligaments - taking pressure off of your lower back and encouraging proper alignment and posture.

Belly binding also helps to relieve water retention, accelerate fat burning and improve circulation. After your initial postpartum belly binding, you can self-bind easily and use this as a postpartum self-care measure or ritual to promote positive body image, healing, comfort, and to really just nurture and honor yourself because you deserve it for growing and bringing life!


Bengkung Binding: $100

Sealing & Binding with tummy firming paste: $150

Malay Ceremonial Bath/Blessing, Sealing & Binding: $200

Postpartum care

Belly Binding after birth is a practice used around the world in older traditions, with good reason. It offers such stability and comfort, like being hugged at a time when there is so much empty space inside.
— Ysha Oakes

While this practice is still fairly new to the western world, belly binding has been used for thousands of years all over over the world. Different cultures practice different postpartum binding and healing methods but they are all similar in that they promote wellness and encourage recovery from the pregnancy and birth process. Bengkung is the unique wrapping method which originated in Malaysia and is still practiced in other countries to this day.