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Birth Doula Support


Prepare for your birth, your way. Continuous support and guidance throughout the entire process - Pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Whether you’re planning to give birth in a hospital, at a Birth Center or home… your birth doula will provide emotional, informational and physical support tailored to your family's personal goals and values. Professional birth preparation and support has been reported to increase confidence, reduce anxiety/fear and produce a more positive birth memory and postpartum transition.


What does a birth doula do?


Overnight Newborn Doula Care

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Similar to a “night nanny” or “baby nurse,” an overnight postpartum doula will care for your baby (or babies) while you sleep, as well as provide lactation support and perform light household duties.

Basic newborn care such as diaper changes, feedings, and soothing are taken care of while you rest. Whether you only need a few nights of sleep or would like an extended period of care, our postpartum doulas will be there. Sleep peacefully, knowing your family is in good hands.


What does a postpartum doula do?


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Whether it’s birth doula support you’re interested in, or overnight postpartum care for your family… we’re here to help. Let’s chat!