Philadelphia Birth & Postpartum Doula Support


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Birth Support


Prepare for your birth, your way.  Be at ease, knowing that you have a birth support professional on your team, who is there for you continuously throughout the entire process.  A birth doula will provide emotional, informational and physical support tailored to your family's personal goals and values. 

Your labor will be attended by a familiar face, who will be there by your side as you give birth.  Professional birth support has been reported to increase confidence, reduce anxiety/fear and produce a more positive birth memory.





Overnight Postpartum Care


Experience the benefits of having in-home postpartum doula care once you have given birth and begin the process of settling into the new family dynamic.

Professional in-home support has been reported to lower the risk of postpartum depression and mood disorders, increase lactation/breastfeeding success, encourage healthy maternal/paternal-infant bonding and improve recovery time.

Get off to a good start by allowing yourself optimal night-time rest.  Self-care becomes more possible when you have an extra set of hands (and a heart) to cater to the many needs that still need to be fulfilled in the evening hours. 

Newborn care such as feedings, diaper changes and night-wakings can be taken care of while you rest.  Sleep peacefully, knowing your family is in good hands.