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Night nanny

Being a mother of three myself, I know from many years of personal and professional experience that the evening and overnight hours can be quite challenging with a newborn baby (or babies). In reality - new parents need sleep! Postpartum help can ease the effects of new parent sleep deprivation.

Rest easy knowing that your family is in good hands. ~ Over 15 years of experience caring for newborns.

night newborn care

Overnight postpartum care can make your nightly routine a more pleasurable one! Together, we will come up with a sleeping/feeding arrangement that works for the entire family. This will lead to a more gentle transition period for all involved.  

The presence of a night doula can provide a nurturing atmosphere in which everyone can gently and confidently integrate into the new family dynamic. Establish a rhythm that sets your family up for long-term stability.


The family will decide what should happen over the course of the night based on their preferred sleeping arrangements, and method of feeding.

~If you choose to bottle-feed, I would assume all responsibility for nightly infant care and feeding, if preferable.

~If you’re breastfeeding - you can sleep in whatever arrangement you prefer, and have baby brought to you for nursing sessions throughout the night.

~In the case of combination feeding, I would support you by helping you create a plan for alternating feeds. This includes feeding either pumped milk or formula, proper breastmilk storage and cleaning/sterilization of bottles and pump parts so they are ready for your use.



Postpartum Night Care Package

night nanny
  • Guidance through physical recovery and adjustment

  • Postpartum depression/mood disorder assistance

  • Newborn feeding, changing and soothing

  • Lactation support, referrals and education

  • Light tidying and laundry

  • Processing the birth experience

  • A listening ear: companionship and emotional support!  

  • Community referrals

  • Overnight sleep support to help the family gently ease into the new dynamic.

  • Bengkung Belly Binding services now available!

The support a postpartum doula provides can have a lasting and important impact on the family. Postpartum support provides families with increased confidence in their new roles, a greater satisfaction in the breastfeeding experience as well as the duration, and fewer incidences of postpartum depression.

Experience with…

  • Twins and multiples

  • Newborn sleep patterns

  • Breastfeeding/Formula/Combination-feeding/Pumping

  • Silent Reflux/GERD/Colic

  • Postpartum depression/mood disorders


$34/hr for packages below 120 hours total.

For packages of 120 hours or more, the rate will decrease to $32/hr.

A retainer fee must be paid to secure your place in my calendar. This will be 50% of the total, and the remainder will be paid weekly until the balance is paid.

A minimum of 24 hours total must be purchased. Minimum 8 hours per shift anytime between 6pm and 6am.

You have the option of purchasing an already discounted package up front, or customizing your own. All Packages paid by check in full, upon signing will be priced by their respective hourly tier AND guaranteed 5% off.


(5% Paid by check in full upfront Discount Incentive)

Welcome package : 24 hours of care - $775 (save $41)

Secure package : 120 hours of care - $3,648 (save $192)


My family and I are so grateful to have found Nicole. As first time parents of twins, we knew we needed the help. We wanted someone with experience and knowledge. We are so glad we found Nicole. She started off helping us with overnights and soon transitioned to day time until the girls were ~7months. She was all about helping our family in any way that she can. As a first time mom, I had many questions and doubted myself time to time. Since these were our first, we weren’t familiar with many things like swaddling, sleep etc. She taught my family a ton about taking care of newborns. I felt so much more confident as a mother thanks to her. She patiently listened, supported and provided feedback and recommendations when needed. We had our way of doing certain things. She was very respectful and mindful of our preferences and followed accordingly. I cannot say enough good things about Nicole. She is warm, compassionate, professional, punctual, knowledgeable, and positive. My entire family trusted her. We could rest easy knowing that she was there. She went above and beyond what we expected in a Doula. We are lucky to have found her and would highly recommend her to anyone!
— Sphurthi A, Princeton NJ
To put it simply, Nicole is an Angel. She and I connected from the moment we met and I knew she’d be the perfect fit for our family based on her gentle, easy going, loving nature. Nicole was so accomodating and very supportive of the way I was choosing to take care of myself and my baby postpartum. She cooked nutrious meals, helped get my older daughter ready for camp, did the dishes and laundry, organized whatever was needed....basically she did whatever I asked and made me feel comfortable doing so. As a woman and a mother it can feel awkard to ask for help and she continued to reassure me that was what she was there for! She not only supported me with household duties, but she really supported my mental well-being, too. She was able to offer her depth of knowledge on all things newborn whenever I had questions, which was incredibly helpful and gave me great peace of mind. Nicole is a friend. She was there for me after having the baby when it can typically be a very isolating, roller coaster of a time. She cheered me on through it all. I am truly forever grateful for Nicole supporting our family in the sensitive time postpartum. Because of Nicole I was able to stay cocooned with my baby for 2 full weeks without having to worry about my household falling apart. Her help provided the safe space for my family to ease into our new normal with more grace then I ever imagined. I now advise all new mamas (whether it’s your 1st or 4th) to budget for a postpartum Doula to support you in the much needed care after giving birth. Nicole is the BEST.doula.ever. Do yourself and your family a favor and bring her on board to support you, exactly as she did for me. :)
— Marie F, Willow Grove PA
Nicole felt like a part of the family from the first moment we laid eyes on her. She met with my family ahead of time and we discussed what we were looking for (postpartum help), and went over everything that would entail. She was warm, considerate, and professional the entire time and we knew instantly that she would be a perfect fit for our family.
— Lauren W, Bristol PA
Nicole was amazing with my baby and me during our first few months together. I was exhausted after having my third baby and two older children, and Nicole helped me during the nights so I could recover from birth and get some sleep. She was very supportive and helpful to me during the postpartum period. I recommend Nicole wholeheartedly!
— Jill R, Narberth PA
Following the birth or our son 5/3/18, Nicole provided overnight postpartum services to our family. She was everything you could ever want in a doula: warm, knowledgeable about newborn care, reliable, and communicative. She has great intuition when it comes to postpartum care and often anticipates what you want before you are able to articulate your thoughts. Don’t hesitate to hire Nicole, she is simply the best!
— Sheara Y, South Philadelphia PA


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