Birth Doula Services

A birth doula is best described as a non-medical support person that assists the birthing person and/or family continuously, throughout the pregnancy, during labor/birth and immediately postpartum.

Newborn baby right after delivery

Doulas are trained in the physiology and psychology of birth, armed with information and the unique art of honoring, guiding, encouraging and providing physical and emotional comfort throughout the entire process.

The role of the doula is never to take the place of husbands or partners during birth, but rather to complement and enhance their experience. - American Pregnancy Association

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Birth is transformative. Whether this is your first time and have no idea what to expect, or you’re looking to have a more satisfactory experience this time around, doula support can elevate and enhance your overall experience.

Individualized support will be a central aspect of your care. I will help you sort out what kind of birth experience you desire, and assist you in how to prepare for that type of birth, accordingly.

  • Your doula will answer questions, support your choices and help you to feel confident and prepared before and during birth. Birth doulas (also called labor doulas) are trained in specific comfort techniques that encourage relaxation, trust, focus, confidence and strength, as each stage and phase of the birthing process unfolds.

  • Your doula will also provide resources, and make recommendations for books and products that will enhance your pregnancy, birth, postpartum transition, and newborn/infant feeding experience.

  • Whether you’re interested in an unmedicated birth, wish to receive medication, preparing for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), having a medically/emotionally indicated cesarean, repeat cesarean, or aren’t quite sure yet… a birth doula can assist you through the process of navigating all of the information and options available, and helping you to come to the realization of what your personal goals and values are. Your doula will work together with you, your partner, and your provider, to help you have a positive birth experience and memory.

  • Your doula will NOT replace your partner or take over their primary support role. Doulas aim to compliment and encourage the role of your partner to the level of involvement they are comfortable with at any given moment.

*For VBAC information and resources, please scroll to the bottom of the page*

Comprehensive prenatal preparation sessions cover a wide variety of topics including informed decision-making, personal preferences, comfort measures, local resources, navigating the hospital birth environment, effectively communicating your wishes to your provider, and the unique hormonal processes involved as your birthing time unfolds. Your prenatal visits will be informative, and based on the content that you would most like to cover.

As a birth attendant entrusted with the honor of occupying someone’s birth space, I am committed to providing respectful, inclusive, and non-judgemental support/advocacy to people and families of all ethnicities, cultures, gender identities/expressions, and dynamics.

What kinds of support does a birth doula provide?

Photo by  Ryan Franco  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

  • Unlimited email, phone (text/call) support throughout pregnancy and through the postpartum transition.

  • Prenatal birth preparation visits.

  • Birth plan/preference assistance.

  • Continuous, hands-on (or off!) physical and emotional support during labor and birth. A calm, reassuring presence.

  • Non-pharmacological comfort techniques such as use of the Rebozo, visualization, focal points, acupressure, counter-pressure, relaxation and light touch massage.

  • Co-creation of your desired birth space.

  • Guidance through positioning/pelvic biomechanics.

  • Evidence based information.

  • Back-up doula network.

  • TOLAC/VBAC sensitive preparation, information and support.

  • Assistance with first feeding, if desired.

  • In-home postpartum family visit within the first few weeks after birth.


If you’re interested in learning more about the birth doula services I provide, have questions, or would like to set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation either in the comfort of your home or at a mutually agreed upon location, send me a message and let’s connect!


Having Nicole join our journey into parenthood was the best decision we’ve ever made. She was incredibly generous with her time and sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience of birthing throughout. The greatest thing as a father about having Nicole was that she was my rock and supported me so that I could be there for my wife. I was so happy to see her when we first arrived at the hospital because she lifted a massive amount of emotional stress off of me almost instantly due to her energy, proactive caring for my wife and distilling the whole process into positive reassuring messages. Nicole is extremely calm, open, respectful, empathetic, light hearted and down to earth. We couldn’t have been happier to share such a significant life event with her and she will be forever near and dear to our hearts as a result.
— Gerard H, Philadelphia PA
From our prenatal visits through postpartum, Nicole was extremely knowledgable, kind, and supportive. She brings a calming and friendly presence to the room, which is so important from pregnancy all the way through childbirth. My first birth (not with Nicole) was very traumatic and had caused some PTSD. I wasn’t sure if I should try to give birth naturally, or go with a cesarean, as it had been suggested to me. Nicole weighed the options with us and helped us to process the decision. The main reason I chose to try for a natural birth was because of how much confidence Nicole instilled in me as we met together. I left our visits feeling very prepared and excited to give birth again. Our second birth (with Nicole) was absolutely amazing! She was the reason we made it to the hospital on time (it was a quick labor, which I attribute to the Rebozo she gave us!), she helped us to stay calm, she was a constant encourager and support for both my husband and I, talking me through every contraction and coaching us both through the entire experience. I will absolutely be hiring Nicole for our next birth, she is an irreplaceable part of our birth team!
— Anna P, Fort Washington PA
I was skeptical when my wife started talking to me about getting a doula. I didn’t know what they would do or how much they could really help. But thank God we chose Nicole! She is the greatest. Fun, incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with. Our first birth was rough - 35+ hrs of labor, NICU, blood transfusions, etc. But Nicole helped my wife prep for labor and make sure she was in the right head space and that baby was in the right position and this labor was less than three hours. Nicole was the one talking us through our race to the hospital as stressful as that was, and she was the one who met us at the there with a wheelchair and got us up to the room on time. She gave us plenty of time and attention throughout and after the whole process and educated us along the way. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and we will be using her again next time!
— Nolan P, Fort Washington PA
Can’t say enough about what a great experience we had with Nicole. As a first time parent, it was great to be able to encourage my wife ‘Text Nicole!’ when she was feeling something new or uncomfortable, since I didn’t have the answers but knew we had someone much more experienced by our side as a resource. Leading up to birthing, Nicole was a great balance between non-intrusive and also persistent in reaching out to me and my wife as appropriate to remind us she was available for support, offering tips, and answering questions. The birth itself was a whirlwind and marathon that took us far off our initial preferences but was manageable thanks to Nicole’s support throughout a long few days. She encouraged us to take time to make decisions, went through alternatives and pros/cons with us, and ultimately remained positive about whatever we decided. My wife experienced about 15 hours of back labor and without Nicole’s expert counterpressure, we surely would have had a very different experience and likely a c-section rather than the vaginal delivery we really wanted. I’m very thankful to Nicole for making what was a very challenging birth into a very positive memory for my family because of her help. Highly, highly recommend!
— Adam P, Philadelphia PA (University City)
I was referred to Nicole by my good friend and business partner who has worked with her during the birth of her daughter. From the moment I first spoke to Nicole, I knew I wanted her on my team. As a first time mom, I wasn’t sure what to expect and could only ask my doctor so much. Nicole has a vast knowledge of pregnancy, labor and birth that gave me confidence. She made herself available to me as a valuable resource that was so helpful when I needed it most. She had a quiet strength during my labor that empowered me. She knew how to read my cues and tailor her support to fit my experience. She was never pushy or overbearing. She was the perfect balance of offering what I needed but being assertive enough to make me feel like she had a firm grasp on the situation. She was wonderful managing my husband and making him feel useful and supportive as well. The nurses and midwife all complimented her! I would 1000% recommend her to others.
— Diana A, North Brunswick NJ
From a dads perspective, I can honestly say that I think Nicole was sent here from the heavens above to help us guys get through this with our wives. Our little guy is now celebrating his 7th day here with us and it’s because of Nicole’s wisdom and calming personality that my wife kept her cool. Every home visit I asked a million questions and Nicole had clear and concise responses. Nicole has so many birthing tips and tricks to ensure that my wife was as comfortable as possible given the intensity of her birth. My wife decided to go the natural birth route and many times throughout she did not know if she could get through it, but again it was due to Nicole’s zen like peacefulness and step by step instruction/hands on help that kept my wife strong and able to deliver our boy. Of course I was there as well to help and Nicole helped me know how to be of best assistance. We felt so confident knowing she was in the room with us and was able to alleviate concerns. For example when my wife was not making progress with her dilation, Nicole knew exactly what exercises to do to help her progress. Thank you again Nicole for everything you have given our family.
— Keith G, Philadelphia PA
Nicole was the best doula we could have asked for. My goal for my second birth was to VBAC and go into labor on my own. She did everything in her power to make sure that happened! She’s warm, funny, very knowledgeable and as an added bonus has great taste in music. From suggestions on what to eat and drink to help my body during pregnancy and labor to suggestions for childbirth education classes and how to strengthen my body, she is just top notch. I had a long labor and she helped us through it with peace and grace, judgment free, while always offering encouragement. This included massaging my back during every contraction while my husband napped because I had back labor and, during the worst of it, just holding me during contractions. We felt prepared this time around and that is all due to Nicole. She has been equally wonderful after birth, offering suggestions for breastfeeding, brought me herbal sitz bath packets, taught me how to belly bind, AND brought the best perineal sitting cushion. She checks in to make sure we are all doing ok. They say you form a strong bond when you go through an experience like birth with someone, and they are right. I will never forget her and how she helped us bring our son into the world. I just wish I knew about her when I had my first son.
— Angela L, Paoli PA
Nicole is a truly exceptional doula. For a newcomer in Philadelphia like myself with no family or friends around, it was necessary to find a bit more support than my slightly overwhelmed husband... I met with a few doulas, but after talking to Nicole, I knew she was on a whole different level of doula dedication and professionalism!

She’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, but also respectful - whatever type of birth you’re planning to have, she’ll support you in it 100%! I was hoping to do a Hypnobabies birth, but the circumstances of my early labour made me change my mind towards an epidural and she was able to switch to a completely different birth plan immediately without any issues or judgement. She supported me with strength and compassion through a very emotional time, when I was feeling extremely fragile.

I was really grateful for the help she offered both, me and my husband (through pregnancy all the way to postpartum), advice on anything I struggled with (from family to probiotics) and her calm, kind energy. In situations when anyone I know would get frustrated or angry, Nicole stayed calm, respectful and supportive. She’s also amazing with children - a real baby whisperer!

She’s a true gem and will offer you as a new mom more than you expected every time.
— Ewa H, Philadelphia PA
We met with Nicole twice before the birth and after meeting with her the first time, I knew I wanted her by my side for my delivery. I think one of Nicole’s best qualities as our doula (and really why I chose her) is her calm nature. I don’t really know how to describe it in words, but she really made me feel at ease which helped so much during my labor. Nicole was extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient & kind.
— Isis P, Philadelphia PA
Thanks to her I was able to overcome my trauma and fear from my first birthing experience, and deliver at a hospital without pain remediation or any more interference other than being induced. With her coaching, I had a better idea of the process in hospital and a stronger backbone to defend myself against unnecessary procedures (as long as the baby was happy). Nicole also was a great support when I had questions about various pregnancy pains and how to naturally resolve them long before delivery. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a doula.
— Alicia F, South Philadelphia PA
Nicole was a tremendous support to my wife and me as we prepared for my delivery and during labor. Her knowledge of both conventional and complementary medicine was exactly what we needed, and her warm presence put us at ease immediately. She helped us plan and practice for decision-making we might face during labor, and set out what our most important requests for the birth team would be. During labor, her expertise in positioning was tremendously helpful and I think helped me avoid a c-section when the baby was having trouble getting around my pelvic arch.

I would recommend Nicole to any expectant parents, but I can particularly vouch for her understanding and support of queer families.
— Sarah H, West Philadelphia PA
Thanks to Nicole we had a very positive birth experience. I don’t think I would have been able to do a natural birth without her support. I highly recommend Nicole. Here are the top three reasons why:

1) Home visits to prepare for birth - very educational and helpful! I learned a lot including exercises to prepare for the big day, what to expect on that day from doctors, nurses and midwife and how to advocate for myself. My husband and mom also felt more at ease. I felt good knowing that we were preparing them as well.

2) Techniques and coaching to help progress labor and delivery - 12 hours after my water broke, I was stuck at 5 cm. After 2 hours of special exercises with Nicole intended to help me progress, I reached 7cm and avoided pitocin (which I was told I’d have to use if I didn’t start making progress.) Throughout the two hours of delivery, Nicole coached me on the best way to push and provided positive encouragement (eg. “That’s the one. Another one like that. You’re doing great!”) which made all the difference.

3) Comfort techniques - During active labor, I wouldn’t have traded Nicole for a bag of gold! She’s the only reason I stayed calm and in control. Her counter pressure techniques, such as pushing in on my hips, were the only thing that provided comfort and the only reason I made it through without an epidural. Even though my husband had learned this same technique, he often did not apply enough pressure. He eventually got the hang of it.

After hearing what a difference she made in my birth, my cousin and sister, who are both expecting babies, will be hiring doulas in their cities. My husband and mom also rave about Nicole. Especially my mom whose own experience giving birth was less than stellar. Hiring Nicole is an investment in yourself that you won’t regret making!
— Christie I, Philadelphia PA
I will try and put into words how much Nicole has positively impacted my life as well as my husband’s. With every meeting with her our confidence in the birth process grew. After every prenatal appointment we would brief and she would give me evidence based information on what I had concerns or questions about. Nicole not only served as my counselor but as a friend that also went through birth several times and trusts the process. She was the presence in the room that kept me and my husband strong in our decisions. Nicole also kept my husband company and made sure he was okay during my long labor. When I felt uncomfortable with someone or something she made sure I had support either with her words or body language. Immediately after my son was born, everything and everyone was moving so quickly. Nicole quietly watched and made sure that we were all okay. I don’t know if we would have remained loyal to our birth plan if it weren’t for her being there. I would highly recommend Nicole to a birthing couple or birthing person who is looking for a doula who understands the birthing process, trusts it, and gives evidence based information. After our birth with Nicole she is forever imprinted on our lives and we still communicate on a regular basis. Our son will know that during his birth he had a birth angel watching over him and his parents.
— Caley O, Cherry Hill NJ
When we first met, she was the perfect combination of “crunchy granola” and evidence-based hard science. She met with us twice before my son’s birth, and each time she came equipped with tips and tricks that eased my anxiety and helped me mentally prepare for my due date. Nicole was always considerate of our perspective, adapted her methods to meet our needs, and helped us feel prepared and supported the whole time. During labor, I felt immediately at ease when Nicole arrived. She somehow picked up on the things I needed in every moment.
— Stephanie K, Lansdale PA
To start, I can’t say enough good things about this sweet lady. Nicole helped me tremendously in navigating some major decisions that would definitely effect the outcome of my birth experience. I found out that my baby was breech at 37 weeks pregnant and was pressured by my hospital to have a c-section, which I did not want, but thankfully she helped me to understand ALL of my options. She talked me through the different scenarios and helped me to prepare for a procedure that would allow my baby to flip head down so I could achieve a vaginal birth which was an important preference of mine. The procedure went well and I was able to have a wonderful, natural birth that I will always remember very fondly. I thank Nicole for her patience as I asked question after question, her sweet motherly nature in guiding me as a first time mom, and the way she really gives every mother confidence in choosing what is right for THEM and their baby. I do credit my wonderful birth and even post-partum experience to her and her wisdom. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a Birth Doula!
— Brittany D, Philadelphia PA
Nicole was such an amazing doula. She is the perfect combination of soothing, reliable, and mostly importantly, an advocate when you are in the trenches. I was lucky to have her in my corner during my birth experience, especially after three hours of pushing and feeling dejected. Luckily, Nicole was there to encourage me in a way that resulted in a successful vaginal birth. She is incredibly caring and encouraging, always supporting you in your birth plan. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Melinda P, Philadelphia PA
Nicole is such a blessing. Right from our first meeting I could tell she was knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the families she works with. I interviewed many doulas and she was absolutely the best choice. She guided me through the difficult decision to change my care provider at 7 months pregnant, and at her suggestion I contacted the amazing midwife practice I ended up switching to. She knows her stuff - from gestational diabetes to terrible morning sickness and heartburn, to pelvic and back pain, she shared her knowledge with me during each step of my pregnancy. She emailed often just to check in and make sure I was doing okay. And after birth she came by to check on us multiple times and was a huge help in starting our successful nursing relationship even through a tongue tie, mastitis, colic, and reflux. My only regret is that I didn’t get to have her there for my birth (babe came way too fast and both Nicole and the midwives didn’t make it in time!) because I was really looking forward to that. She’s well versed in helping hypnobabies moms like me, and I have no doubt that she would have been an incredible support during my birthing time if my daughter hadn’t come flying out less than 10 minutes after getting to the hospital. I’m a pretty anxious person and I had a previous birth not go the way I wanted, so Nicole’s compassionate, calming presence was exactly what I needed. I can’t thank her enough.
— Beth S, Horsham PA
Nicole was recommended by another friend of mine and Im so glad she introduced me to her. Nicole was very informative and non judgmental. Nicole went over all birthing options with me and she made me comfortable enough to share my past late miscarriage so we could go over all scenarios. Nicole was also there for me when i had stressful moments throughout my pregnancy. Nicole was available via text, email, phone conversation and in person. Towards the end of my pregnancy i suffered from very low pelvic pain and she went out of her way for a unscheduled visit to bring over a birth ball and go over ways to alleviate the pain. She was also quick to email and text me links of anything she thought would help me with my pregnancy. I would recommend her as a doula.
— Allison W, Philadelphia PA


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