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A birth doula is best described as a non-medical support person that assists the birthing family continuously, throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and immediately postpartum. Doulas are trained in the physiology and psychology of birth, armed with information and the unique art of honoring, encouraging and physically comforting the family throughout the entire process.

The role of the doula is never to take the place of husbands or partners during birth, but rather to complement and enhance their experience.
— American Pregnancy Association

Doulas answer questions, provide resources, support your choices and help you to feel safe and secure before and during birth. Birth doulas (also called labor doulas) are trained in specific comfort techniques that encourage relaxation, trust, focus, confidence and strength, as each stage and phase of birth unfolds.

Whether you’re interested in natural birth, wish to receive medication, planning for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), or aren’t quite sure yet… a birth doula can assist you through the process of deciding what your personal goals and values are - and work together with your provider to help you to have a positive birth experience regardless of what you decide.

Your doula will not replace your partner or take over their primary support role. Doulas aim to compliment and encourage the role of your partner to the level of involvement they are comfortable with at any given moment.

As a birth attendant entrusted with the honor of occupying someone’s birth space, I am committed to providing respectful, inclusive, and non-judgemental support/advocacy to families of all ethnicities, cultures and dynamics.

Comprehensive prenatal sessions cover a wide variety of topics including birth preparation, informed decision-making, comfort measures, navigating the hospital birth environment, communicating your wishes effectively with your provider, and the unique hormonal processes involved as your birthing time unfolds. Your prenatal visits will be informative, yet based on the content that you would like to cover.   

birth doula

  Complete Birth Support Package

  • Prenatal Prep visits in the comfort of your home

  • Knowledge on various childbirth education methods

  • Unlimited email and phone support throughout pregnancy

  • Birth plan/preference assistance

  • Informational support & resources for all the things!

  • Provider/Patient communication navigation

  • Continuous hands-on (or off!) physical and emotional support during birth- early birth assistance at your home, if desired

  • Comfort techniques such as Rebozo, visualization, focal points, counter-pressure and light touch massage

  • Explanation of your options in different scenarios

  • Evidence based information

  • A calm, reassuring presence

  • Partner/sibling/family support

  • Assistance with initial breastfeeding latch, if desired

  • Postpartum visit

  • Primary and secondary back-up doulas on stand-by

  • Belly Binding now available

    Complete Birth Support Investment : $900


    In-Person Birth Support only : $600


    Birth Prep + Postpartum visits only : $425


Thanks to her I was able to overcome my trauma and fear from my first birthing experience, and deliver at a hospital without pain remediation or any more interference other than being induced. With her coaching, I had a better idea of the process in hospital and a stronger backbone to defend myself against unnecessary procedures (as long as the baby was happy). Nicole also was a great support when I had questions about various pregnancy pains and how to naturally resolve them long before delivery. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a doula.
— Alicia F, South Philadelphia PA
Nicole was a tremendous support to my wife and me as we prepared for my delivery and during labor. Her knowledge of both conventional and complementary medicine was exactly what we needed, and her warm presence put us at ease immediately. She helped us plan and practice for decision-making we might face during labor, and set out what our most important requests for the birth team would be. During labor, her expertise in positioning was tremendously helpful and I think helped me avoid a c-section when the baby was having trouble getting around my pelvic arch.

I would recommend Nicole to any expectant parents, but I can particularly vouch for her understanding and support of queer families.
— Sarah H, West Philadelphia PA
We met with Nicole twice before the birth and after meeting with her the first time, I knew I wanted her by my side for my delivery. I think one of Nicole’s best qualities as our doula (and really why I chose her) is her calm nature. I don’t really know how to describe it in words, but she really made me feel at ease which helped so much during my labor. Nicole was extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient & kind.
— Isis P, Philadelphia PA
I will try and put into words how much Nicole has positively impacted my life as well as my husband’s. With every meeting with her our confidence in the birth process grew. After every prenatal appointment we would brief and she would give me evidence based information on what I had concerns or questions about. Nicole not only served as my counselor but as a friend that also went through birth several times and trusts the process. She was the presence in the room that kept me and my husband strong in our decisions. Nicole also kept my husband company and made sure he was okay during my long labor. When I felt uncomfortable with someone or something she made sure I had support either with her words or body language. Immediately after my son was born, everything and everyone was moving so quickly. Nicole quietly watched and made sure that we were all okay. I don’t know if we would have remained loyal to our birth plan if it weren’t for her being there. I would highly recommend Nicole to a birthing couple or birthing person who is looking for a doula who understands the birthing process, trusts it, and gives evidence based information. After our birth with Nicole she is forever imprinted on our lives and we still communicate on a regular basis. Our son will know that during his birth he had a birth angel watching over him and his parents.
— Caley O, Cherry Hill NJ
When we first met, she was the perfect combination of “crunchy granola” and evidence-based hard science. She met with us twice before my son’s birth, and each time she came equipped with tips and tricks that eased my anxiety and helped me mentally prepare for my due date. Nicole was always considerate of our perspective, adapted her methods to meet our needs, and helped us feel prepared and supported the whole time. During labor, I felt immediately at ease when Nicole arrived. She somehow picked up on the things I needed in every moment.
— Stephanie K, Lansdale PA
Nicole was recommended by another friend of mine and Im so glad she introduced me to her. Nicole was very informative and non judgmental. Nicole went over all birthing options with me and she made me comfortable enough to share my past late miscarriage so we could go over all scenarios. Nicole was also there for me when i had stressful moments throughout my pregnancy. Nicole was available via text, email, phone conversation and in person. Towards the end of my pregnancy i suffered from very low pelvic pain and she went out of her way for a unscheduled visit to bring over a birth ball and go over ways to alleviate the pain. She was also quick to email and text me links of anything she thought would help me with my pregnancy. I would recommend her as a doula.
— Allison W, Philadelphia PA